Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th

Ridiculously Hot !!!!!



It was hot even when we got up at 7.30.


Once again Shep took on his hangdog look as he saw cases being brought down. We had our usual animated conversation over breakfast and wrote down the e-mail addresses for Pete to set up that afternoon in Geneva. Pete was still in pain but was moving more easily than the day before.


All good things come to and end and it was time for me to take Don to Chambéry railway station. We had to allow him enough time to get the train to the airport in Grenoble. The journey was very pleasant and we had good views of the Lac du Bourget, the Chartreuse and the Alps. We arrived in good time and once again I was able to park right outside the station. I accompanied him in to buy his ticket and then regretfully left him to wait on his own for about 30 minutes for his train. The drive back was rather sad and rather lonely but my heart was full of the love and friendship of the whole weekend.


Pete had spent the morning filling the other 1,000 litre water container for the second field. His back was beginning to get better and he forced himself to do this heavy job as we wanted to put the horses in this field as there was more grass there. We are very lucky to have a fountain in Meyrieu where we can fill up with water as there are very few streams around and what few there are dry up in the summer months.


We had time for one last cup of tea then Mike, Sue, Shep and Nelly piled in with me in the small car. Pete hadn’t yet got back from the field so we left him a note. In fact we met him on our way from Meyrieu. He had been detained because the driver’s seat of the Landrover had collapsed under him!! He had to bring it to Geneva anyway for its MOT so the three of us went off to the airport in the comfort of an air conditioned car leaving him to mend his seat and follow us.


Geneva airport was quite quiet and we arranged assistance for Sue. It was blissfully cool in the terminal so I was glad that Genevan bureaucracy allows dogs into the airport building. According to Sue this is no longer the case in the UK. No matter what the rules, there is no way I would leave my dogs in the car in the sweltering heat even for five minutes.


We had a coffee while we waited. Then Pete arrived. Airports are rather depressing places to hang around in. Conversation becomes desultory. You don’t want to say goodbye and yet you have to go.


At 2 o’clock Sue was to meet the man with the wheelchair. She got there on time. The wheelchair was waiting and we barely had time for a quick kiss goodbye. Mike left by the more usual route through passport control. Sue saved him a seat on the plane and they were able to travel together all the way back.


That left just Pete and me. The reunion was over.


We had lunch back in the flat in Geneva then Pete set up the e-mail addresses. I had to go and lie down as it was so unbearably hot and oppressive in town.


We drove back to Meyrieu later on in the afternoon to a silent house. There were still some signs of passage but all our friends had left. There was a sense of anticlimax – but a fund of memories and stories to keep us going until the next reunion which will be at…….? on…………..?



Wednesday, 26th July            Unspeakably Hot !!!!!!


I’ve spent all day sitting on the chair with the orange cushion on the terrace writing this diary account of our reunion. These are very obviously my very personal reflections on the weekend as I lived it. Pete thinks no-one else will be interested enough to read it, but I hope it will give you some pleasure.


At about 3 o’clock there was the sound of a big CRACK and then a huge thunder storm – for all of 10 minutes. Then the sun came back and the bees started buzzing in the vine –so I don’t think it will rain again today.


Forget Thalasso, forget Health Farms, forget cosmetic surgery. Give me a Lyttelton Road reunion Laughter Cure any day!!


Please keep in touch by wa-mail.

Lots and lots of love to you all