Dear Alwena and Peter,


I got my folks to make some pictures of me in my daily doings, so here a couple of gleams:










Here I am sitting on my post observing who is coming to the front door.













I also from here try to protect my family from the woman next door sending evil eyes at us.











Here you can see my looking at Mayon, busy catching food pieces out from her dogspinner.


Here I hide from Mayon. When Jette or Jeppe tells Mayon:” Find Hamlet” then of she goes searching for me.

When she finds me she gets a titbit. She newer bites or scratch me, only a kindly touch with her nose from time to time.


She haven’t found me yet….



….this I think is a good hiding place .




..Yes here I am sitting very nicely.



…Now Mayon is coming…



Mayon and I are very good friends, and get a nice chat now and then…....




And she’s a cute one that does me and no one else no harm.



Aren’t we just cute….



I should send all the very best from Jette and Jeppe.

Much love