Meccano France outfit examples 1950-1970



Meccano France retained the elegant 1934 Blue/Gold colour scheme right up to the 1970's although Meccano Liverpool had soon reverted to the Red/Green scheme in 1941. Up to the late 50's plates were blue with gold hatching, strips were gold and bush wheels, pulleys and some other small parts a fairly bright shade of red. Later on, the gold hatching on plates was dropped, and a more pastel shade of blue was used.

Here are a few examples of Meccano France Accessory sets showing nicely the colour schemes used. I hope to add more complete set examples to this page as I come across them, so if you have any presentable examples I would be delighted to add them to this "French" Meccano history page! Please send me an email.

The examples follow in chronological order - click on the images to enlarge.

1951 accessory set 6a & other French manual examples





6a box lid

 6a box contents. Note Gold X-hatching on blue plates

6a instruction manual

see also 5a manual & E20 notice

6a rear cover (Usine, Bobigny) see 5a alternative


1959 set 3




Set 3 box lid.

The UK No.3 set carton was half this size for identical contents!

Set 3 contents. (Missing stringing card simulated). Note  spaced layout of parts for maximum visual sales effect!

Set 3 instruction manual 1959

 Rear cover set 3 manual 1959

compare 1960 UK manual rear


circa 1960 set 5 - Photos & set courtesy of Jacques Vuye, California




Set 5 box lid, again with the Block Setting crane ("grue titan") theme

Set 5 contents tray. A beautiful example with mint parts still strung to the tray card

The manual cover would be similar to the No.3



1959/65  - more on instruction booklets





Set 3 inside front cover

Motor advert from Set 3 manual.

4/5/6 manual 1965

 4/5/6 manual rear cover


1965 sets 3a & 4a





Box lid 3a set

3a box contents (1970)

3a end of guarantee dated 11/70

4a box contents


1964 set 5a





5a box lid 1969

Set 5a contents. "Approx" layout as parts tray missing!

5a end of guarantee dated 9/69

 4/5/6 manual rear cover


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